The Tantric Massage

The tantric massage is the jewel in the massage crown: It combines the knowledge and insights from a variety of techniques and schools of thought relating to life energy, forming a distinctive and incomparable experience.

The massage follows a prescribed ritual form but each massage is nonetheless unique because each guest comes with their unique body. A tantra masseuse acts out of a deep connection with herself and with everything natural, sensing and touching every part of the body just as it needs. This might be lovingly relaxing or energisingly thrilling. Her hands can stroke softly or radiate warmth into stiff muscles and their firm strokes or kneading will help to dissolve away tension. She might caress your skin with the most tender of touches from her fingertips or with sensuous silk, downy feathers, soft fur, or even flowers or pearls. A tantra massage directly effects your life-energy, awakening it and ensuring that it flows throughout your body. In this way, in addition to providing an abundance of sensual delights, the massage will also leave you with increa as well as a sense of rejuvenation and more joy of life. All of our masseuses receive a careful training, but there is always room for them to bring their own individual style into the ritual, making every massage into something very special - a work of art born in the moment and never to be repeated.

For a short time, two beings dive together into the river of life. The masseuse shares her attention, her knowledge, wisdom, abilities and intuition; the guest being massaged enjoys his receptivity and ability to let go and do nothing. For many, this is a completely new experience of their own sensuality.When guests leave after an AVALON massage with light in their eyes and a spring in their step, this is a confirmation and an incentive for us. We are proud to look back on 12 successful years in our massage practice and we look forward to greeting you here again, or for the first time. In order to avoid possible misunderstandings and disappointment, we would like to make it clear here that our offer is purely an offer for massage, and not a disguised invitation to sexual intercourse or any other sexual activities.

Our longer massage rituals have the following effects

  • Depth
    Through extensive and nourishing touch
  • Energizing
    Through the slowly growing intensity
  • Fullfilling
    Through the opening of the heart and the arrival at one's self

Lingam Massage

The word lingam is Sanskrit and is used in Tantra as a word for the male genitalia.
The beauty about this word is its original meaning, connecting the spiritual creative aspect with the physical and sensual aspect. At the extended version of the lingam massage a lot of different massage techniques are being used.

The pelvic floor is being relaxed and the energy is being spread all over the body with long massage movements. In this way the intensity is slowly built.

Some men describe their experience as ecstatic state, in which they surf from one wave to the next, accompanied by a tremendous feeling of happiness and the urge to embrace the whole world.

Letting go and a deep surrender are the key for such a tangible experience.