Tantric Massages for Women

During a tantric massage a very special space is opened.
Free from any expectations and diversions you are invited to discover and enjoy your body and your sensuality. You will be gently touched and guided by one of our experienced Avalon massage therapists. She will accept you lovingly and pleasure you tenderly.

Our massage ritual is divided into three parts, that melt into one at the very end.
Imagine they are the steps into your temple of pleasure and lust. The first step is the sensual body honoring ritual. At this point we leave the day to day behind and are enjoying a deep relaxation. Each body part is awoken sensually.
At the second step we approach the outer part of the yoni by massaging the pelvic floor. The absence of a goal to be reached is the key to a sensual, healing and deeply relaxing experience.
As we reach the third step, we focus with care at the inner room of the yoni. Every square centimeter is being touched, especially the Goddess (G) Spot. The energy of not being focused on a certain outcome is letting a deep experience happen. You decide how far on this journey you would like to go. At every moment we are aware of your wishes and boundaries.

During a yoni massage many different feelings and emotions can arise. It can be a sensual ecstatic experience at one point and a space of silence at another moment. Everything is welcome that wants to show itself. Sensitive communication is supporting you to explore new parts of yourself or to bring the frozen back into the flow.

" True beauty comes from the inside."
This saying reaches a whole new dimension.
A woman who knows her yoni and has found the source of her lust, starts to shine like a goddess.