AVALON was founded by a courageous team of women as one of the first tantric massage practices in europe.

The women mainly came from a therapeutic or social work background and were qualified by Andro Andreas Rothe or one of his early students.

The goal was to share their experiences of maximum health, delight and joy with as many people as possible.

At that time wellness massages and treatments had just started to appear on the scene. There was not much more available than medical massages or prostitution. Therefore some misunderstandings, wrong assumptions and prejudices had to be cleared up.

The holistic, mindful and loving art of touch which honours the person as a whole being -including his or her sexual feelings and their natural expressions, found fertile ground.

Based on the traditional teachings of many different civilisations about the flow of energy in the body, methods of body focused psychotherapy and profound knowledge about the function of the genitals, a new creation was brought forth in our modern culture.

Many people have difficulties to envision intimacy, which is an essential element of the tantric massage, not leading to sexual intercourse or infringement in any way, but as something assisting them to deeper connect and therefore experience themselves as a whole and happy being.

This is based on clear and non- negotiable boundaries for the massage and a sensitive comprehensive talk before.
Today, as we learn more and more about the devastating results of supressing and denying our sexual feelings and recognizing the potential of fear, depression and isolation by seperating from these feelings, our work becomes more meaningful.

The knowledge that a fullfilled sexual life and a certain measure of body awareness is essential for a happy and healthy life is now widely accepted. Also the spiritual circles are showing a bigger opening to the tantric paths.

Back to the beginning:
Another vital objective of the founders of Avalon was to create an inspiring place where it is possible to share life and work together. A place which supports them to harmonize their different careers and vocations. The personal development shall be constantly supported.
So they designed a structure based on trust and support which made a high measure of stability and flexibility possible.

The successful opening of our practice was accomplished by simple means and with a lot of heart. It was accompanied by a wave of enthusiasm. In 1996 the practice moved to an excellent location with more suitable rooms. We are to this day at this location. The rooms have since then been remodeled several times.

This great idea has found many imitators as years went by. The number of tantric massage studios is still rising. There are positive as well as negative aspects to that. We are noticing that there is just about everything offered under this name that you can imagine - from all sexual services to esoteric nonsense.

The women working for the Avalon had the thought to cut out the term "Tantric Massage" completely.

In the end they decided to keep the term

"tantric massage" to describe their work, to proudly stay connected to their roots and to show their continuing connection to the tantric teachings. This development involved all serious tantric massage practices in many different cities. They united 2005 in the Tantric Massage alliance ( Tantramassage Verband e.V.).

This alliance called TMV e.V. offers interested people information about Tantra and keeps developing and supporting the tantric massage. The Avalon is an active member of the organisation. At this time Avalon's director is the second head of office.

The Avalon Practice Team has grown younger through time. The pioneers of the past are the teachers of today. They support the younger massage therapists with their experience and add to the quality of our offers.