Our Team

We are a team consisting of 10 sensual, attractive and irresistably feminine women and a wonderfull man.

We love to touch people in a special way to see their eyes and faces light up.

We pull from a rich treasure of experiences in the tantric and shamanic body and energywork. In this way we are creating safe spaces of realness and sensuality, in which one can arrive at one's self lovingly.

We are constantly finetuning our work. For us Tantra is describing firstly a way of life that balances out all aspects of being human. As a team we put a high value on shared spaces of experiences to discover new things and to integrate and anchor the teachings in the body.

Each one of us only spends a couple of days a month in the Avalon. This is how we keep our aliveness and the intensity of our work.

Avalon massages do not live through all the learned techniques, but from the presence and openedness for a deeper encounter with other people.

AVALON MASSAGEN is a member of the Tantramassageverband.e.V.- a union of committed and serious insitutes that offer the original tantric massage.Our Team