Tantric Massages for Couples

For couples, no matter whether newly fallen in love or united for many years already, it is a special and beautiful experience to enjoy the tantric massage together.

Together you are being pleasured in many ways without having to do anything.

You are enjoying your own wellbeing and that of your partner. In this way you are offering a unique gift of beauty to yourself and your partner. The one hour massage ritual is a get to know session during where no intimate touch is happening. All longer massages are created according to your wishes with or without the inclusion of the intimate areas. For a ritual with an extensive yoni or lingam massage we recommend a minimum duration of 2 hours.

The massages are being offered by two female therapists. You have the choice to be massaged in one room together or in two separate rooms. If it is your first visit with us, we recommend the separate rooms.

At the end there is time to be together again, to feel the afterglow of the massage, to exchange thoughts and peacefully ground yourselves again. Please book your massage a couple of days in advance. We are also happy for spontaneous visits, although we are more limited to your wishes.
The appointments are only being made over the telephone. In this way there is time for a little introduction and to give some preparatory advise.

Couple massages are a great gift for engagements, weddings, wedding anniversaries or other special occasions.