Four Hands

One thing being said about our fourhanded massages is, that one and one makes more than two. Yet what makes it so special or magical?

The touch of four hands, four arms and two bodies has the effect that the mind cannot keep up with what is happening already after a very short time. It gives up its control and a trancelike state is being reached, a letting go of the old day to day and a merging into a more conscious state of being, a more in terms of feeling. The body is deeply relaxing and is becoming more opened, more sensitive. Some experience this as a floating sensation or as a sinking and being lifted at the same time. The harmony between the therapists is allowing, beside the synchronized flow of movements, also individual sequences that create a very sensual, erotically charged field.

During the intimate massage many impulses at the same time can create waves of sexual energy spreading through the body. The effect can be deepened by using the breath consciously. You do not need any previous experience.