Tao Massage

The Tao massage is as deeply touching as the Tantric massage. Its energy is more meditative and focuses more on the body meridians. It is a gentle and light massage, Yin and Yang energies are being balanced. A deep inner peace is created and a strong balance remains. This massage is for people who have a high stress life. It connects the head, heart and belly with each other and is re-creating inner harmony.

According to the taoistic worldview, all existence is emerging out of the dance between the two opposing powers, the Yin and the Yang. Yang energy is female, dark, inwardly moving, receptive. It is earth connected and gives substance to our body.
Yin energy is male, shining brightly, moving upward, active. It is connected to the sky/space and gives motivation to the body. Substance without motivation is a heavy mass, motivation without substance does not go anywhere. Every stiffness in the physical body or in the mental attitude blocks the flow of Yin and Yang energy and speeds up the aging process. In the body is a map of the energetic field, a network of energy channels or meridians. They form a never ending connecting ribbon and include all twelve organs. The teaching of the three TAN T'IEN, the centres of divine energy, is being included.
The lowest TAN T'IEN is located in the pelvis and lower abdomen, where the sexual Ching Chi lives. Vitality and Power is being held and refilled here.
The TAN T'IEN from the middle body above the belly button to the center of the ribcage is holding passion, courage and the power of communication.
The highest TAN T'IEN in the middle part of the brain is collecting and renewing consciousness, spiritual consciousness and intelligence.